Ionized Water Benefits

Ionized Water Benefits


what is ionized alkaline water


What is Ionized Alkaline Water?

What is Ionized Alkaline Water? There are many methods that are good at purifying water, like Reverse Osmosis (RO), Water Distillation and Water Ionization. RO and distillation are great for removing harmful contaminants and can be very beneficial if our water supply ever gets contaminated or the water company has to cut their budget and stop filtering your water. Water ionization is a purification method that also makes your water a healthy alkaline PH level. You've heard of alkaline water and it's benefits but what are Ionized Water Benefits?


Alkaline ionized water has so many benefits that it far surpasses even pure alkaline water. It does make your water highly purified and very highly alkaline as well. It is like the best of both worlds all in one health promoting water purifying unit. Water ionization separates the water molecules into acid and alkaline, each one is collected separately. So you have highly acidic water which is good for cleaning and hair and skin care. And the highly alkaline water which is the best tasting and healthiest drinking water on the planet! 



Is Ionized Alkaline Water Good For You?


Is Ionized Alkaline Water Good For You? Absolutely! It can help you fully hydrate your body like never before. It has natural antioxidants, so much so that it even has an ORAC rating. It is like taking the best antioxidant supplement with each glass you drink. It also structures your water so it harmonizes with your body deeply as you body has receptors (cells) that only allow certain substances in, and if it is a structured molecule, your body can make full use of it. It fully hydrates you and you don't feel thirsty like sometimes when you drink lots of water and are still thirsty!


Alkaline ionized water is full of natural electrolytes that give it a healthy electrical charge that your body can use for energy and cellular repair. That's why sports drinks try and push “Gatorade” into their athletes bodies during intense sporting events. However, I would never recommend sports drinks because they have really unhealthy levels of sugar and fake sugars. You don't need them only the electrolytes. Superior athletes use ionized water instead because it has all the benefits and none of the bad stuff. 



ionized alkaline water benefits


Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits

Ionized Water or ionic water is so full of health benefits that is really like a natural health supplement than a beverage. What are the most common Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits?

  • Creates Health in all body tissues (removes excess acidity)
  • Deeply Hydrates all cells in your brain and body
  • Makes blood less sticky (and prone to anemia)
  • Energizes you (has natural electrolytes and is highly alkaline PH level)
  • Removes the cause of many illnesses and conditions (anti-inflammation)
  • You can think, move and perform at your best
  • Creates Structured Water
  • Creates H2 Hydrogen Water
  • Creates Micro Clustered Water
  • Creates Electrolyte Water
  • Creates Antioxidant Water
  • Creates Alkaline Water

Alkalinity refers to the pH or parts hydrogen level of water. The lower the number the more acidic. The higher the number the more alkaline. Each type has its purpose, beneifts and drawbacks. Acidic water is great for cleaning and dissolving things (you can make water very acidic and cleaning by using the settings on a water ionizer).


ph chart alkaline ionized water


Making the water ionic and alkaline is what can help take your health and fitness to the next level. Disease thrives on an acidic environment in your body, so if you make your body alkaline, bacteria, viruses and pathogens can't replicate because the alkalinity breaks their cell walls apart and they dissolve. Ionized Alkaline water is also very hydrating, and is best for workouts, recovery and anti-aging. Listen to what microbiologist Jason Fowler (affiliate of Dr. Robert O. Young of the PH Miracle Research Center) has discovered about the healing benefits of micro-clustered, alkaline ionized water:



Ionized Water Filter

You can use an Ionized Water Filter like the Cerra Alkaline Portable Water Ionizer, which is like a very economical water ionizer that is a water pitcher that you can take with you anywhere you need to filter water and make it alkaline. It allows you to make your own highly alkaline drinking water, that helps your body heal from many conditions just by drinking it regularly. It is not nearly as powerful as a real dedicated alkaline water ionizer but it be much better than any other alkaline water filter pitcher.


There is really nothing as good as having your own alkaline water ionizer machine! It can give you exact levels of alkaline or acidic water for specific health purposes or cleaning. It is a health regeneration machine that can help you avoid premature aging and help your body renew itself a lot faster. It helps with recovery and muscle cramps because of the high alkaline PH and antioxidant levels. 



Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Ionized water is in it's most perfect state for health and hydration. An Alkaline Walter Ionizer Machine or Water Ionizer is what makes healthy alkaline ionized water. It's full of healthy minerals and is highly electrically charged and will energize your health and your life. Drinking alkaline water regularly heals many diseases and chronic conditions. It gives you energy and allows your nervous system to work like it should, and even clears up that mental fog that slows us down and makes us tired.


It can take your workouts and exercise routines to the highest level. Here's what a high level brain injury specialist has to say about how it personally transformed her own health, once suffering from excruciating inflammatory arthritis pain, to now living an extremely healthy and vibrant experience:


Don't rely on someone else for your family's health. Get a water ionization unit like the Tyent Platinum Water Ionizer. Tyent USA sells the best alkaline water ionizers: devices that transform ordinary tap water into healing and rejuvenating, deliciously tasting hydrating water. These alkaline water ionizers completely purify your water of disease causing living pathogens (viruses, bacteria and protozoa), change your water’s pH structure from acid to alkaline, and transform your water into a powerful antioxidant.


Just ask any inflammatory arthritis or gout sufferer who regularly drinks ionic water. They improve dramatically! The quality of Tyent USA’s products are proven through dozens of scientific papers and thousands of healthy, rejuvenated athletes and clients. Remember, we are not what we eat and drink but what we actually absorb, so start absorbing the best water you can get and FEEL the energy difference – Mind, Body and Spirit!

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