Portable Water Ionizer

Portable Water Ionizer


portable alkaline water filter


Portable Alkaline Water Filter

Having a portable alkaline water filter either as an ionizer or alkaline water maker with you on the go can save your life! Imagine yourself faced with no clean drinking water and the thought of becoming really sick if you are forced to drink contaminated water. There is no need to risk this when you can easily get your own portable water ionizer. It produces the best tasting healthy antioxidant water filled with electrolytes and a healthy alkaline PH level


I couldn't even imagine not having safe drinking water by my side. Getting a portable water ionizer is one of the most important things you can do if you're on the go. You'll look and feel healthy, energetic and even heal some inflammatory conditions because of the alkalinity of ionized water. If you want a pitcher filter instead, then there is a great alkaline water pitcher you should look into. It is much more powerful than Zero, Brita or Pur water filter pitchers, and it makes alkaline ionized water!


best alkaline water filter pitcher


Best Water Purifier Pitcher

The Best Water Purifier Pitcher is one that not only removes all the harmful microbials like Giardia, Viruses, Bacteria and other pathogens that cause waterborne illnesses. It should remove all heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminum and contaminants like pesticides and chlorine. After removing all the unhealthy stuff, then it should add healthy alkaline minerals and ionization so your water is not only hydrating and refreshing but full of antioxidants and electrolytes.


It should be BPA free so you are not adding harmful things into your clean pure delicious tasting alkaline drinking water. The most common water filter pitchers don't do this. Clearly filtered is a great one for general purposes and much better than Brita, Pur and even Zero Water Pitchers. But There is one even better if you want the best purified water that is alkaline and full of health benefits. Introducing the portable Cerra Alkaline Water Ionizer Pitcher. 


best water filter pitcher


Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The Cerra Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is a highly affordable health creating machine. It does so much for so little. It is easy to carry around and produces clean healthy alkaline water in a matter of seconds. Here's what's inside this powerful compact purifier:

  • Quickly transforms your water into a smooth and sweet tasting purified water
  • Filters chlorine and other contaminants out
  • Improves your body's Acid/Alkaline Balance
  • Increase your pH level up to 9.5 (very alkaline and disease preventing)
  • Provides an abundance of healing Negative Ions
  • Provides superior Hydration by micro clustering your water (your body can only absorb small water molecules)
  • Gives you powerful Antioxidant potential (typically reduces the Oxygen Reduction Potential “ORP” by at least 200mv)
  • Creates a natural Far Infrared Ionization
  • Uses silver Ceramic and Anti-bacterial balls for disease prevention
  • Removes excess oxidation from your body -You can see this as Activated Hydrogen bubbles are formed
  • Delivers an abundance of Activated Hydrogen to help eliminate free radicals (the ones that cause aging and disease)

Get your Cerra healthy alkaline ionized water filter pitcher today and you won't have to leave your health in some one else's hands. For more information See: Cerra Alkaline Ionizer Pitcher.


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