Benefits of Ionized Water

ionized water benefits

Benefits of Ionized Water

Is Ionized Water Good for You? Take a look at the enormous amount of health Benefits of Ionized Water. Ionized water can be alkaline water or acidic water; you get to choose which type you want. Each type of water has its own health benefits. Alkaline water is what you want most of the time because dis-ease can't live in an alkaline body. Cancer, dis-ease causing pathogens like viruses and bacteria thrive in an acidic body.

Ionized water not only can be highly alkaline it can be structured, micro-clustered, and have superior surface tension, electrical charge (your body is electric as well as mostly water.) Alkaline ionized water is by far the healthiest and most hydrating water you can drink! Ionized water is so purifying and healing to your body (and that of your animal companions too) that it is actually classified as an potent anti-aging antioxidant.


An antioxidant is a natural molecule that has an extra ion (ionized) that prevents and reverse cellular oxidation (causes your cells to become distorted, damaged and aged prematurely.) That's why antioxidants are dis-ease preventing and anti-aging. Using an alkaline water ionizer machine gives you all these healthy benefits of ionized water and more!


benefits of ionized water


Health Benefits of Ionized Water

There are so many Health Benefits of Ionized Water. Ionized water is ionic water or antioxidant water. Ionized Alkaline Water is well known to heal your body and prevent chronic inflammation (leading cause of most dis-ease in your body.) Cancer and pathogens can’t live in a highly alkaline body. They thrive off acids in your body from drinking tap water, reverse osmosis water and most bottled water.


Even negative emotions cause your body to become highly acidic and dis-ease prone. Ionic water creates a smaller particle sizes that are formed into harmonious molecules (micro-clustered) that penetrate and hydrate deeper than large particle sizes in non-ionized water.


Ionized Alkaline Water fully hydrates, refreshes and rejuvenates where non ionic water simply can’t. The health benefits of ionized water are unmatched for any type of water or supplement for that matter. You can make your own forever with a water ionizer machine. 


hexagonal water


Structured Water Benefits

What are the benefits of structured water? Micro-clustered and Structured Water Benefits are tremendous! Using a water ionizer machine transforms disorganized tap water into ultra healthy structured hexagonal water, which is harmonious with every cell in your body. Using unorganized water fills your body and cells with that disharmony and causes premature aging as well as dis-ease. Structured water has higher surface tension and electrical activity. It's one of the main benefits of ionized water.


Your body is electrical in nature and uses the electrical charge in water to give you energy and heal your body. There is a great book that explain this: The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life by Dr. Robert O. Becker. This is healthy energy as opposed to unhealthy EMF radiation waves which damage your body. You should use appropriate EMF Protection from that type of 5G EMF radiation. Your body does need harmonious electrical potential, like that found in organic foods and structured water. 


When you have no energy, you have low electricity levels in your body. Structured water energizes your cells mitochondria (cellular energy) to produce healthy cells (DNA) and gives your whole body energy. Having the micro-clustered hexagonal structured water raises the life potential of every cell it comes into contact with. It is a major part of the health benefits of ionized water. 


ionized water cluster


Micro-Clustered Water Benefits

Micro-Clustered Water Benefits. Micro-clustered water (smaller or micro cluster size) enters areas that non-ionized water can’t reach due to it's tiny particle size. That is why it is the most hydrating water on the earth and one of the main benefits of ionized water on your health (and that of your pets too.) Ionized water is natural water found in nature before being treated with chemicals and put through inharmonious angles in the plumbing as demonstrated by the water researcher and naturalist Viktor Schauberger.


Schauberger demonstrated how your tap water reaches your home in a highly disorganized and unhealthy state. He said that water quality, molecule structure and size does matter, and called structured water – Living Water. That’s why having a water ionizer machine is the best anti-aging, health promoting antioxidant you can have in your home. It's one of the big health benefits of ionized water.


does a water ionizer work


What a Water Ionizer Does

What a Water Ionizer Does. Using a Water Ionizer Machine purifies your tap water through a series of ultraviolet (UV Filters,) sediment filters and pathogenic ilters that remove harmful chemicals, heavy metals and dis-ease causing pathogens safely from your water. Your Water Ionizer Machine then splits the ions (hence ionic water) into their alkaline and acidic molecules. You adjust the setting on the front of the water ionizer machine to keep the type of water you want at the time (highly alkaline pH or acidic pH) and removes the pH water you don’t need at the time.


Your water ionizer then structures the water so it has the most healthy charge (electrical with high surface tension) and smallest water molecule size (so it penetrates and hydrates deepest into every cell in your body.) Having your own water ionizer machines at home gives you all the health benefits of ionized water. And they can be tremendous and can even be life saving.


water ionizer machines


Alkaline Ionizer Water Machine

Having the power of your own Alkaline Ionizer Water Machine in your own home is better than a health spa or clinic as prevention is better than cure. Click on the Water Ionizer Review top menu bar tabs (or to return to the main page) to choose the type and style you fits your individual taste and style. You will see the bestselling water ionizers at the bottom of the main page. You can use under the under the sink water ionizers (under counter water ionizer machines) or table top (countertop water ionizer machines) that produce the highest quality healthy living waters in your own home!


That’s the purpose of this water ionizer review to show you the best water ionizers you can get and why they are so beneficial to your health. You get all the ionized water benefits in your own home or to fill all our water bottles with healthier water than you can get anywhere! You can also get the extreme health and healing benefits of a hydrogen, ionized alkaline water with electrolytes, antioxidants and smallest water molecule size for deep healing, regeneration and hydration. See: Water Ionizer's On Sale Now.

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