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Ionized Water Benefits

Ionized Water Benefits     What is Ionized Alkaline Water? What is Ionized Alkaline Water? There are many methods that are good at purifying water, like Reverse Osmosis (RO), Water Distillation and Water Ionization. RO and distillation are great for removing harmful contaminants and can be very beneficial if our water supply ever gets contaminated or the water company has to cut their budget and stop filtering your water. Water ionization is a purification method that also makes your water a healthy alkaline PH level. You've heard of alkaline water and it's benefits but what are Ionized Water Benefits?   Alkaline ionized water has so many benefits that it far surpasses even pure alkaline water. It does make your water highly purified and very highly alkaline as well. It is like the best of both worlds all in one health promoting water purifying unit. Water ionization separates the water molecules into acid and alkaline, each one is collected separately. So you have highly acidic water which is good for cleaning and hair and skin care. And the highly alkaline water which is the best tasting and healthiest drinking water on the planet!      Is Ionized Alkaline Water Good For You?   Is Ionized Alkaline Water Good For You? Absolutely! It can help you fully hydrate your body like never before. It has natural antioxidants, so much so that it even has an ORAC rating. It is like taking the best antioxidant supplement with each glass you drink. It also structures your water so it harmonizes with your body deeply as you body has receptors (cells) that only allow certain substances in, and if it is a structured molecule, your body can make full use of it. It fully hydrates you and you don't feel thirsty like sometimes when you drink lots of water and are still thirsty!   Alkaline ionized water is full of natural electrolytes that give it a healthy electrical charge that your body can …

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What is Alkaline Water Good For?

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What is Alkaline Water Good For?     Advantages of Alkaline Water What is Alkaline Water Good for? If you want to stay healthy and perform at your best then drinking alkaline water is something you want to do regularly. There are a lot of Advantages of Alkaline Water. Alkalinity refers to the pH or parts hydrogen level of water. The lower the number the more acidic. The higher the number the more alkaline. Each type has its purpose, benefits and drawbacks. Acidic water is great for cleaning and dissolving things (you can make water very acidic and cleaning by using the settings on a water ionizer).    Alkaline Water is the best form of healthy drinking water you can hydrate your body with. Most chronic diseases and conditions develop when the body becomes acidic. Viruses can easily replicate, Bacteria and Candida thrive in an acidic body. Inflammation, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Gout, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Insomnia are just a few of the many conditions that are caused by your body being acidic.     Health Benefits of Alkaline Water There are a lot of Health Benefits of Alkaline Water. Alkaline drinking water helps reverse a lot of chronic diseases and conditions quickly, without side effects too. It does this because most chronic disease thrive in your body because it is just too acidic. Get rid of the food source for your condition and it disappears. Arthritis, Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer's and even Cancer all need and acidic body to be at home in. Don't make your body a home to disease – Alkalize!   For athletic individuals, it hydrates much better than any sports drink, and will help your body perform at it's peak level, good for competitions and any physical activity. It will also help you recover from muscle fatigue (lactic ACID buildup), give you greater endurance and help your body recover much quicker. Since healthy drinking water is your body's biggest need, it makes sense to make that the …

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Benefits of Ionized Water

Benefits of Ionized Water Is Ionized Water Good for You? Take a look at the enormous amount of health Benefits of Ionized Water. Ionized water can be alkaline water or acidic water; you get to choose which type you want. Each type of water has its own health benefits. Alkaline water is what you want most of the time because dis-ease can't live in an alkaline body. Cancer, dis-ease causing pathogens like viruses and bacteria thrive in an acidic body. Ionized water not only can be highly alkaline it can be structured, micro-clustered, and have superior surface tension, electrical charge (your body is electric as well as mostly water.) Alkaline ionized water is by far the healthiest and most hydrating water you can drink! Ionized water is so purifying and healing to your body (and that of your animal companions too) that it is actually classified as an potent anti-aging antioxidant.   An antioxidant is a natural molecule that has an extra ion (ionized) that prevents and reverse cellular oxidation (causes your cells to become distorted, damaged and aged prematurely.) That's why antioxidants are dis-ease preventing and anti-aging. Using an alkaline water ionizer machine gives you all these healthy benefits of ionized water and more!     Health Benefits of Ionized Water There are so many Health Benefits of Ionized Water. Ionized water is ionic water or antioxidant water. Ionized Alkaline Water is well known to heal your body and prevent chronic inflammation (leading cause of most dis-ease in your body.) Cancer and pathogens can’t live in a highly alkaline body. They thrive off acids in your body from drinking tap water, reverse osmosis water and most bottled water.   Even negative emotions cause your body to become highly acidic and dis-ease prone. Ionic water creates a smaller particle sizes that are formed into harmonious molecules (micro-clustered) that penetrate and hydrate deeper than large particle sizes in non-ionized water.   Ionized Alkaline Water fully hydrates, refreshes and …

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